Monthly Archives: December 2013

Poplar grove at Secord Forest

Poplars at Secord Forest - AbstractAnother abstract using the strong vertical lines of these trees. The light was just right to bring out the subtle colours in the small grove of trees.

Durham Regional Forest – Abstract


In the midst of a primarily pine and oak forest of the Walkers Woods trail area is a small copse of dense young maples that offers strong vertical lines. This area is such a strong contrast to most of the region. I missed the peak colour change this year, but there was still enough colour on the forest floor to add some brightness to this shot.

I have spent a lot of time on the various Durham trails. It is such a diverse area that there is always something new to see and new trails to explore through the different seasons.

Branched Ice-Hole

This morning, the pond at Goodwood Conservation Area had no snow on it (it was -10 C). The pond was covered with these branched holes. I’ve looked them up and seen several theories as to what causes them. Most attribute it to a hole forming under the snow as it melts, which creates the branches or conduits. As the snow melts and the ice reforms, it fills in with darker, harder ice. They sure are interesting


A nice view of Monterey Harbour. The tide was low, revealing rocks clearly. The lupine and rocks helped frame the shot nicely, and the sky was a wonderful mix of clouds and turquoise.