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Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market

Mayan Ceremony - Kensington MarketYou never know what you might see in Kensington Market. During a recent trip to the popular Toronto Market, streets were closed to vehicles (one Sunday every month in the summer) and the market was packed with people. Street performers, musicians, vendors, and artists filled the street with sights, sounds, the smell of ethnic cooking, and colour. At one corner, a group of performers were re-enacting a Mayan ceremony. I was captivated by their bright costumes and snapped a few photos to capture the moment.


Speed – High Falls, Bancoft Ontario

Speed - York River, Bancroft


This is a shot of the rapids below High Falls. It is the source of the York River as it flows from Baptiste Lake, north-west of Bancroft. I was taken by the speed of the water (thus the name) and the way the bright sunlight played through the water.