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“Wide Turn” – Egan Chute, York River

"Wide Turn" - Egan Chute, York River

Egan Chute is the first of three chutes (Egan, Middle, and Farm) on the York River near Bancoft, Ontario. Egan is the easiest to access and perhaps the most beautiful. At this point of the York River, the river flow bends around a corner and flows with incredible power and beauty across a series of ‘steps’ creating a wonderful fan effect. The wet summer this year has kept the water flowing well, though dry summers create delicate, wispy effects. The chutes are now designated as Ontario Provincial Park to further protect the unique environment.

Small Falls near Altona Ontario

Small Falls near Altona

A surprising find in the relatively flat area of North Pickering was this beautiful waterfall. It is the remnant  of an old mill pond on Duffins Creek. The pond has become a meadow and Duffins Creek flows through it to exit at this waterfall. Due to its ease of access, I have gone here on many occasions and seasons. Unfortunately, this little gem sits inside the boundaries of the proposed Pickering Airport. I’m really hoping that project does not proceed because of it’s ecological sensitivity. I have hiked the many tributaries of Duffins Creek and can’t imaging this beautiful environment being used as an airport.

Tenaya Creek

Tenaya Creek

Taken on a hike to Mirror Lake in Yosemite. Tenaya Creek parallels the trail for most of the way and there are lots of these beautiful cascades along the way. I liked the log stuck between the rock and the way the water sprayed off of it. If you like waterfalls check out my Facebook page at:

Willowgrove Barn Beam

Willowgrove Barn Beam 2


While it may not be a spectacular photo, there was something about the ancient beam and how the light played off of it that caught my attention. Soft light and a golden glow accent the axe marks and cause me to imagine when this beam was created, using only hand tools. It sure stands the test of time.

Turtle Island?

Painted Turtle on IslandThis guy was sunning himself on a private island this past weekend. I liked the idea of the little mound of swamp as his personal space and enjoyed the bright greens of the grasses as well as his reflection in the lake. Just a peaceful image from a peaceful day canoeing on Marble Lake near Bancroft.