Monthly Archives: March 2015

Winter Shoreline – Rock and Pine

“Rock & Pine” -  Ahmik Lake

On a recent visit to Ahmik Lake, near Magnetawan, Ontario, I came across this pine tree and boulder shrouded in snow. The scene is so typical of Canadian Shield scenery. The tree is likely over a hundred years old and has witnessed many seasons. I liked the way the exposed portions  of bark looked much like the pink feldspar on the boulder next to it, topped off with the pure white snow. It just says “Canadian Winter” to me. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

“Co-Op” Toronto, Ontario

“Co-op” - TorontoOn a recent trip downtown I noticed these interesting stacked housing units near the St. Lawrence market. I was drawn by the repeated shapes and colour, but on further observation, there are some very interesting textures. I also did not notice that all the doors had heavy mesh on them. Can you spot the two pigeons? Enjoy the view 🙂