“Mink on the York River”

Mink on York River II

Now this little fellow was one of this shots you get that you had no idea was going to happen.

Last summer I went for a drive to High Falls, near Bancroft, Ontario to get some waterfall shots. On my way out I noticed a nice little pull-off where I could shoot some long exposures of the river and rapids below the falls. As I was setting up, I noticed a flash of movement from the corner of my eye and spotted this mink darting and weaving between the rocks. He was pretty elusive and it took many attempts to get a good photo of him. At this moment in time, he got distracted by something other than me and struck this beautiful pose.

The lesson for me, is always be prepared for the unexpected and know your gear well enough to switch over should a situation like this present itself. I was all set with my wide angel to shoot the moving water but quickly switched to my fast telephoto to capture this image.

Nikon D300
Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 200mm
1/60sec @ f/288, ISO 220


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