“Who’s There?” – Fraser Lake, Ontario

“Who’s There” - Fraser Lake, Ontario

The title for this photo did not take long to decide.

In pouring rain and heavy wind, at the end of my unsuccessful deer hunt, I was driving back to the cottage and noticed this fine fellow standing in a field next to the road, on private property, near a group of houses and cottages. I had my camera in the back of the car, not expecting any further opportunities because of the bad weather, and carefully pulled off the road, opened my door gently, closed it, ever so quietly, for fear of spooking him, grabbed my camera and walked back to see if he was still there.

Much to my surprise, my stopping and car doors opening did not seem to bother him. In fact, he probably did not hear me clearly due to the wind and rain. And, he would not have scented me, for the same reason. Thus, his senses were limited to sight alone. I suspect that’s why he’s craning his neck like he is. I could see him over a rise in the field and I expect his view was much the same. The pale white lines across the photo are caused by the two strands of barbed wire running through the frame.

I had spent the day photographing with my 70-200, because of the low light and wish I could have switched to my 70-300 to get a closer view, even though I did not use full zoom on this shot, in order to capture more of the background scene. Anyways, despite the conditions and circumstances, I was happy to see, and photograph, this beautiful animal before he bounded back into the forest, uncertain if I was actually a threat to him. Just another of those moments and memories I often talk about.

Nikon D300
Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 165mm
1/60 sec @ f/4.0-.33, ISO 250

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