“South of Altona” – Sideline 30, Pickering

“South from Altona” - Sideline 30, Pickering

Close to the last post of the year. Another fall photograph. Why, I simply have so many good images from the fall. This photo was made looking south on Sideline 30 south of Altona, a hamlet of Pickering.

It’s hard to believe this was once a thriving community, with a hotel, several churches and a school. The hamlet lost it’s life to the “Pickering Airport project”, a topic of a previous post. Al that remains of the hamlet are a few building and a pre 20th century Mennonite meeting house. The only reason the meetin house has survived is because of the efforts of volunteers who wanted to preserve this important heritage site. Almost all the remaining building, including the school/community centre were demolished last year, to make way for an airport that will likely never be built in my lifetime. In the meanwhile,an important part of Durham region’s history has, effectively, been erased.

The hamlet of Altona will only live on in the memories of those who were once a part of its life and rhythms. I did i bit of research and could not believe the stark contrast between present day Altona and what it once was. A brief history, by Joseph Nighswander, is included here, for your further reading. What has become of this hamlet, is a sad testament to our values and the price we pay for ‘progress’.

Nikon D300
Tamron 70-200 mm f/2.8 @ 70mm
1/160 sec, F/6.3, ISO 250

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