“Reflected Cat-tails” – Secord Pond, Uxbridge

“Reflected Cat-tails” - Secord Pond, Uxbridge

The words “Seeing the extraordinary in everyday places.” has become a mantra for me. It resonates through my entire being. I’ve said before that I can’t seem to turn it off and would not want to.


As I walk the streets or hike the forest trails, I am able to see beauty almost everywhere. So, why would I want to turn that off. It becomes my connection with my Creator, a reminder of the marvelous detail that I miss when hurried. I revel in the quiet times, where it’s just me. Those solitary times are energizing for me, as I look around and notice a play of light, the soft motion of water, or plants in the breeze. Learning to effectively capture and sharing those moments bring me joy. As I sit and review my photos and try to put into words what that experience was like, I’m constantly reminded, that moment was in front of me to enjoy, a very brief part of an ongoing story in light, motion, and colour.

The inner creative in me likes to push boundaries and experiment with different ways of seeing things. I view other’s works, get inspired by images and words, to push my own boundaries and beliefs. As I share these experiments, I’m also sharing part of my journey, and opening an intimate part of my essence. Perhaps that journey resonates with others and brings them to the same place.

The image above is just such an experiment. I used an old Takumar 500mm f/5 lens that belonged to my father. For years I had considered selling it since it did not work with any of my cameras. Last week I acquired an adaptor that allowed me to use this lens for the first time in nearly thirty years. I had forgotten what a monster it is. Weighing in at nearly seven pounds and close to two feet long, this glass is not for the faint of heart and certainly not something I care to carry around on a regular basis.

I took it with me, along with a sturdy tripod, to Secord Pond, a small lake at a local conservation area.  While it was nice to make long telephoto images, I really enjoyed the effects it had when photographing the shoreline plants reflected in the water. Above, are cat-tails, reflected in the gently rippling water.

Nikon D200
Takumar 500 mm f/5 @ 500mm
1/60 sec, f/5.0, ISO 200

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