“The Flatiron Building” – New York

“The Flatiron Building” New York

“The peculiar office structure appears to exercise a strange fascination over some minds, for not only do hundreds of people stand for five and ten minutes at a time looking up at it, but many of those who have detached themselves from the groups are obliged to return in a minute or two to examine the structure from another point of view” – New York Times, 1902

I completely understand what the author of this quote meant. I’ve dreamt often of standing in this place and making a photo of this iconic New York Building at the intersection of 5th Avenue, 23rd Street, and Broadway, also known as the Fuller Building. When it was completed, in 1902, it was the tallest building (285 ft) in the world and people feared it might collapse.

I finally got my chance to photograph it myself this past weekend. Looking at other’s photos, including many well known ones gives me a certain sense of reverence. I’m standing in the same location once occupied by great artists. The scene is so familiar, yet details are slightly different, the cars on the road are different, the light, the foliage, the street signs, are all slightly different, or I simply did not notice them before. Then, the moment of truth, I get the opportunity to try my hand at this, with all the images rushing through my memory. Then ‘click’, image made, I check my histogram and all looks good. I make a few more, just in case and move on to the next landmark, suddenly aware of all the other remarkable buildings in the area. If you have not been there, New York is an architectural wonderland.

Nikon D300
Tamron 70-200 mm f/2.8 @ 190 mm
1/500 sec, f/4.0, ISO 400

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2 thoughts on ““The Flatiron Building” – New York

  1. Christine

    This is a beautiful image. I looked at it a long time and have gone back to it several times. The entire building as well as the street scene are in sharp focus and initially I didn’t understand how you were able to do that at the settings you were using. That caused me to dig into depth of field charts and as a result I now know more than I did before I spent time with your image. Thank you for both the stunning image and for posting the settings you used.


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