If we were having a coffee…

Stouffville Reservoir in Spring

“All thoughts, secret or spoken, belong in a coffee table book written in Braille, so you can really feel the emotions.”
― Jarod Kintz

I decided to start into this forum with my standard quote style. I find looking up suitable quotes to match my photos makes me think about the photo and the emotions it invokes in me and thus, enhances the image. And, I added a photo above of a local reservoir that I did some artistic work on a few weeks back

Which brings me back to the original topic and my reasons for blogging in the first place: Blogging provides me a simple forum to share my photos and my thoughts with an audience who tend to be more creative than the average populace.

I’ve started small and have been pleasantly  surprised to be ‘troll free’, thus far. I tend to be quite open in my posts, trying to stick to a narrative style, as if I was sitting down with friends and being quite transparent about the events and processes that enabled me to make the photo in the first place. I’m hoping to engage in a larger group of people with similar passions to mine, and that has been successful. My feeling is that if I like certain elements of photography, surely there must be a handful of others out there like me?

The experience has also helped me to realize that, while it would be nice to make a few bucks from my photos, at least enough to support improving my work, it’s been more about creating works that bring enjoyment and inspiration to others. Were it not for a few inspirational photographers  who shared their thoughts and techniques freely, I may not be at the place I’m at now.

The reason I started on this journey has many facets, the first being explained above and the second is for me to develop a daily discipline to create and share a photograph, every single day, whether I feel inspired or not. The ultimate goal is to publish this daily journey so a larger audience can enjoy the experience too. I’m also enjoying reading the works of so many talented poets and writers. They are all inspirations to me to keep improving.

I’m looking forward to future #weekendcoffeeshare chats.

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5 thoughts on “If we were having a coffee…

  1. Christine

    Ed, since coming across your blog post a few weeks ago I’ve been following it on a daily basis. I find your images and your commentary resonates. Your approach to photography feels similar to my own and I’m inspired by your passion for the world around you and by your commitment to photograph and post an image each day. My own posts are much less frequent. As for trying to earn any income I would be concerned that the time and effort involved would be greater than the benefit and, more importantly, could shift the focus away from creativity and the pursuit of your artistic vision. Your work is lovely.

    1. Ed Lehming Photography Post author

      Hi Christine,
      Thanks again for the response. I just spent some time looking over your blog and we do seem to have a similar style and intent. Your photos of the arctic are wonderful. I’d love to be able to comment on them individually, but the blog is not set up to allow that. The image of the arctic blossoms against the rock is particularly appealing. I’m following the blog now and looking forward to many more beautiful photos.


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