“Happy Mother’s Day”

Spring Tulips

“I always wondered why God was supposed to be a father,” she whispers. “Fathers always want you to measure up to something. Mothers are the ones who love you unconditionally, don’t you think?” 
― Jodi Picoult

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, and caregivers who have and continue to play this role.

I’ve been blessed with two mothers, as well as two grandmothers and my Mother in Law who have also played very significant roles in my life. I was adopted and spent the first part of my life with my adopted mother and my grandmother, who stepped into the role of mother many times, so the two are really interchangeable to me. Each had a significantly different approach to parenting and it all balanced out nicely. Both have since passed on and I miss them dearly.

My mother-in-law is far from the stereotypical image we are exposed to in movies and television. She is incredible caring and compassionate and I am happy to have her in my life (and she bakes one heck of an Elderberry pie).

Several years ago, I connected with my birth family. This connection brought me together with my birth mother and her mother, a second grandmother. One of the highlights of this connection was having my two mothers and two grandmothers meet, as well as my mother-in-law, who joined in on the marvellous day.

Connecting with my birth family has been fantastic and I am so happy to have that relationship. Sadly, my grandmother passed away last year as well and I wish I had had more time to be with her. She was such a loving person (and also baked one heck of an Elderberry pie)!

I could go on at length, but enough to say I am blessed with all these women who have played and continue to play such an important part in my life. I thank them for my life, for caring, admonishing, and most of all, loving me through all these years.

Happy Mother’s Day to you.


3 thoughts on ““Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. WillowUnspoken

    I’m glad that your family has extended. Normally I would find that anyone who has connected with their birth mothers, that they have a lot of resentment or questions for her. I am not sure if you are that kind of person by reading this section. I really enjoyed reading and browsing your blog, it has a great style.
    I wanted to let you know that I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award.
    The details are here:

      1. WillowUnspoken

        It is a rarity. I’ve known a few and they had some issues trying to fit in. Like they were the odd puzzle piece that didn’t fit with their picture. I’m very happy for you!
        You’re welcome and have fun with it. 🙂

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