Thursday Doors – September 08, 2016

knox-hall-doors-university-of-torontoThis week’s submission to Norm 2.0‘s Thursday Doors.

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favourite door photos from around the world.

This week, a return to the University of Toronto and it numerous spectacular doors. Today, I have chosen the main doorway to Knox College, another building on the U of T grounds, proudly facing the central campus grounds as they have for over one hundred years.

I’d like to return her to photograph the interior. The website link above shows a brief glimpse into this architectural wonder.

Nikon D800
Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD
 @ 70 mm
1/100 sec, f/5.0, ISO 200

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16 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – September 08, 2016

  1. Joanne Sisco

    I recently had the pleasure of walking around U of T for the first time and taking photos of this gorgeous campus … including Knox College. I did venture inside and was surprised to encounter signs that indicated no photography was allowed. I don’t remember the exact wording of the sign, but the impression it left me was that a permit was required. I didn’t stop long enough to actually investigate though so hopefully I misunderstood.
    I can say though, that walking inside did not give me the same sense of wow that I had going into other buildings like Hart House.

    1. Ed Lehming Photography Post author

      Interesting. I have not been inside Knox, I just saw photos on their web site. It’s worth asking the question about photography though. I think permits are required for professionals, since many weddings are held here. That said, if all photography is prohibited, cell phones should be included.


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