‘The Chill Persists”

A quick shot of the frost on my home office window. Our cold snap of sub -20 C persists. While I don’t mind the cold, my camera equipment is not pleased. So, I look out the window, longingly, waiting for the promised respite that is due next week.

10 thoughts on “‘The Chill Persists”

  1. johnhadden

    Lovely shot Ed. I love the background! And yes, as a person who takes his camera out in the cold almost daily, condensation issues are a concern. I just give it ample time to dry out on its own before putting it back in the bag.

  2. jillslawit

    Lovely pic. Ice is so beautiful in its complexity. I do hope you get warmer, minus 29 is extreme. I think your respite might be that the cold weather is heading across the pond, we are forecast colder weather any day now, I can feel it in the air. It won’t be anywhere near your current temps though.


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