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“Golden Poplars”

“Golden Poplars” - Secord Conservation Area

One of the wonders of photography, that I have noted before, is the fact that I can walk past a scene dozens of times and nothing ‘grabs’ me. In this case, there is a nice stand of poplars along one of my favourite hiking trails. I’ve photographed it many times and the results were “average”. I knew it had potential for a great photo, but conditions and lighting were never quite right to capture the photo I envisioned.

That was not the case last Sunday. On this particular hike, all the elements came together; the light, the colour of the leaves, the reflection of the bark, as well as the angle I was photographing from.

I carefully framed the shot to match my vision of the image, checked and double checked my camera setting, and made one single photograph ( a big risk there). I deliberately underexposed it, since I knew the tree bark could blow out some sections (I learned this through previous attempts).

When I got home and downloaded the images from my camera, I knew I had what I’ve been seeking. With only minor adjustments to compensate for the under exposure and a bit of sharpening, the image above emerged. It was all I had dreamt of. I also printed it as a 12×18 print and it now hangs proudly in my home gallery, where I can enjoy it as I work. I hope you enjoy it too!

Nikon D300
Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 70mm
1/80 sec@ f/4.5 -0.33, ISO 250

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“Marble Lake Spring Time” – Marble Lake, Bancroft

“Marble Lake Spring Time” - Marble Lake, Bancroft

Today, a change-up from the recent posts of flower heads. Last week I spent a few days in the Bancroft area, visiting my art friends and opening up our trailer for the season. It was a gorgeous, warm spring weekend. The air was fresh and clear with a very light breeze, all weekend long. Betty and I decided to head down to the waterfront on Marble Lake to see how my sister’s trailer fared through the winter. We were greeted by the scene above. The lake was almost mirror-like, producing stunning reflections of the clouds and shore-line. It was around 5;20 and the sun was just starting to soften. Creating the right combination of conditions to produce this stunning scene.

I had intended to make a few photos of the lake and shoreline but only had my zoom lens with me. Fortunately, I had my iPhone with me to make this image and am pleased with how well this image conveyed just what I saw. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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iPhone 5s back camera 4.15mm f/2.2
1/800 sec @ f/2.2, ISO 32