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“The Unexpected” – Poplar Leaf on Log

I’ll admit to it.  I’m often looking for images to use as wallpapers for my desktop.  I guess I have a bit of desktop ADD.  I don’t like looking at the same images over and over and am always looking for something new and close to me.  There are many times where I see a suitable subject and photograph it, with the sole intention of creating a desktop wallpaper for myself.

This past week I went for a walk along my favourite local hiking trail and the poplars were just dropping their leaves after a hard frost.  There were a few ‘interesting’ leaves laying on the trail and a few stuck to logs along the way.  I stopped to make photos of a many of them.

I liked the composition of this particular image and began to process it, only to be totally surprised at all the colours present in the fallen leaf.  Really, there is purple and fuschia in this? I was seeing only the greens and yellows when I made the image. Nature is truly amazing, especially when you take the time to look closer.

I consider myself as an observer, but every now and then, the unexpected shows itself, as in this photo. I challenge all of you to get out there and observe. New perspective are in store and your assumptions of what is considered obvious, may be challenged.


Nikon D300
Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 @185mm
1/50 sec @ f.\3.5 -0.33. ISO 250

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“Silver Web” – Marble Lake

“Silver Web” - Marble Lake

Another early morning image. It’s the time of year when nights get cool and the mornings are damp and misty. Dew clings to everything and the low rising sun lights up the world in silvers and golds. Spider webs that go unnoticed during the day shine with water droplets that appear like silver threads.

I noticed this web in a tree near our camper and the light was just right to reveal the fine details of this particular spider’s work. The curves and arches in the web really jump out, though it appears this web may be in need of some work.

Nikon D300
Nikor 70-300mm @210mm
1/60 sec @ f/9, ISO 800