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“Graduation Rose”

“Graduation Rose”

“It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.”
― Maud Hart Lovelace

A few days ago, I had the great pleasure of attending my youngest daughter’s High School graduation. It seems another chapter in our lives has drawn to a conclusion and another begins.

As a gift for her graduation, her boyfriend gave her a beautiful bouquet of roses, including these wonderful pinks. Of course, the photographer in me sees more than just the flowers, they are a subject to be studied and photographed. The image above is the result.

It will be nice to have this keepsake, long after the beauty of the real roses eventually fades and is gone. Another moment captured.

The other fun fact about this photo is that I used one of my dad’s old Pentax M42 mount lenses with an adaptor and extension tubes to make this image. A bit of history to achieve the image I had envisioned. At f/1.9 it’s a wonderfully fast 50mm prime lens with great optics. I have not used it since I inherited my dad’s Spotmatic 37 years ago. I’m looking forward to using it more in future projects.

Nikon D800
Schneider-Kreuznach Exida-Xenon 50mm f/1.9 @ 50mm (14mm extension tube)

1/60 sec, f/1.9, ISO 2200

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“Last Chance” – Moore Lake

Last Chance

I titled this photo as I did for a few reasons. This is the last photo I ever took of my father before he passed away in 1979. He was determined to take a few last casts before he got in the car after a great family vacation on Moore Lake. He asked if I would come with him and take a picture. I complained about the mosquitoes and not wanting to be bitten, but relented and took this shot. Not knowing, at the time, it was not only his last chance at what he loved to do, but my last chance to capture a precious memory. He passed away later that summer.

I found the photo, which I knew I had, with a bunch of other photos from that time period. It was faded and dull. But technology is wonderful and I was able to touch it up and make it presentable. So glad I did not lose it.

Today also happens to be what would have been his 90th birthday. He’s the reason I have such a fond love of nature and all things outdoors. Dad taught me to appreciate the details and the cycles which are ever present. I often imagine him walking along with me, observing the marvels of the outdoors, discovering and celebrating new sights, and those sacred places I go back to time and time again.

So, on this day, December 16th, where he is especially present in my thoughts, I say, “Thanks Dad, for the deep reverence of nature, all you taught me, all the values you instilled in me, and the love you gave me, in your all too brief a time with us. You are ever missed and ever present in the thoughts of those who knew and loved you.”

In Memory of Harry Eugen Lehming 1925-1979

Pentax Spotmatic 35mm
Schneider-Kreutznach Edixa-Xenon 50mm, f/1.9

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