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“Any belief worth embracing should be able to stand up to scrutiny. If not, it’s time to release it; let it go.” 
― Laurie Buchanan, PhD

I struggled with a quote of this simple image of a Queen Anne’s Lace seed head emerging from its winter tomb.

Then, the image reminded me of a rather painful time in my recent past. One I won’t get into in this forum, but one that caused me to really reflect on what was important in my life, and I came to realize that some of the people and events of the past five or so years had no bearing on my future. They ‘entombed’ me in a sort of stasis as well. Yet, through the outlet of my photography, family, and true friends, I too was able to weather it out, relatively unscathed, much like this seed head.

If I came across it in a meadow, without knowing it had been fully encased in ice, I would not know its full story.

I love the simplicity of the image, yet it triggers such complex thoughts and emotions.

Nikon D800
Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD @ 140mm
1/125 sec, f/5.6 ISO 250

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“Pebbles in Melting Ice” – Duffins Creek

“Pebbles in Melting Ice” - Duffins Creek

“Ice contains no future,  just the past, sealed away. As if they’re alive, everything in the world is sealed up inside, clear and distinct. Ice can preserve all kinds of things that way- cleanly, clearly. That’s the essence of ice, the role it plays.”
― Haruki Murakami, Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

A temporary reprieve from the cold of winter, hinting at a more prolonged thaw and the promise of spring ahead. Ice can preserve but the inevitable cycles of nature will eventually free those things locked away for winter.

In the image above, thawing ice reveals its treasures, slowly and wonderfully. The pebble tops emerge and just enough of the structure below is visible, yet the presence of the surrounding ice is undeniable. More could be revealed by breaking the ice, but that would affect the underlying order below. So, it’s best to leave it to emerge in time. Surely, this scene will re-freeze before spring comes to last but the glimpse into the promised warmth is welcomed.

Nikon D300
Tamron 70-200 mm f/2.8 @ 125 mm
1/320 sec, f/9.0, ISO 250

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