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Misty Morning on Marble Lake

“Misty Morning on Marble Lake”

A classic scene to those of us who spend time in the north.

After a cool night, the waters of the lake are warmer than the surrounding air and a thick fog forms. As the sun rises higher in the sky the fog begins to rise higher and higher to eventually form small clouds. The small clouds eventually join together to form larger clouds. It’s a fascinating process to watch. I often look up at summer clouds and wonder what lake that cloud came from.

Last Sunday was no exception. The warming sun played across the lake as mist swirled and rose higher and higher. The warm glow of the rising sun shone on the distant shoreline in golden hues.

For me, it’s such a calming scene and I could spend day after day watching each new day dawning, just like this.

I hope you enjoy the view.

Nikon D300
Nikor 70-300mm @ 240mmm
1/160 sec @ f/6.3 ISO 2500