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“Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 29 – ‘Open’

“Duffins Creek Rainbow Trout”

I have several interpretations to the OPEN theme. It could be open to any category of post or it could be the ‘opening’ of something, like a door. In this case, it’s the opening of the natural spring cycle in my area of Canada. Throughout the winter, this large creek lies frozen. Within a few short weeks it transforms from ice to a living place once more (another opening of sorts), as the Rainbow Trout begin their annual spawning migration up the creek. Once more, it’s a link to a photo I made back in April, and one of my favourites.

This creates another link to OPEN for me, because a few days after the spawn ends, the fishing season opens.

I was debating submitting this image as well because the snake’s mouth is very clearly open as well. Ah, choices!“Pain in the Butt” - Seaton Trail

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